Ellen – our talented local tailor
Ellen Moore.
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Ellen – our talented local tailor
I Love What I Do... Ellen Moore, Takapuna Tailoring, Como Street.

Ellen Moore is the proud owner of Takapuna Tailoring, a business previously called Shorefit that she recently purchased. Ellen has a Bachelor of Design in Fashion from AUT and has worked as a designer for the New Zealand streetwear labels Huffer and DEF. Earlier this year, Ellen won the NZ Fashion Quarterly Leather Design Award with a shoe design. The prize was a trip to a shoe manufacturing plant China which she has just returned from. This month Ellen tells Channel's Courtney Bennett about her talent for tailoring and why she loves doing business on the Shore.

COURTNEY BENNETT: How would you describe what you do to people?
I provide a range of services for people in the store including clothing repairs, alterations, remakes, up-cycling, pattern making, dress making, personal designing, style advice and clothing manufacturing (small scale). I’m also a freelance designer and creator of almost anything you ask!

CB: Why are you passionate about the Takapuna community?
My passion for the Takapuna community is ingrained in my DNA as one of the many grand children of Fred and Mary Thomas, I live here with my young family and enjoy every part of this paradise.

CB: What is your vision for Takapuna tailoring?
My vision for Takapuna Tailoring is to continue to provide a quality service and keep building a strong and loyal client base. I also wish to use the shop as a platform for designers (including myself) to showcase work. I'd like to start up workshops and school holiday programs in sewing and designing and I would really like to create and build on some more local collaborative business relationships.

CB: What’s the best part about the job?
The best part about my job is I love what I do, I feel good helping others and privileged to be in such a trusted position. 

CB: How would your colleagues describe you?
My only colleague is my cousin Jordan (who worked here before I did). She's amazing and I think she would probably describe me as someone who is positive, supportive and inspiring.

CB: Tell readers about the NZ Fashion Quarterly Leather Design Award, what was your winning design?
The New Zealand Leather Design Awards was a competition judged by Fashion Quarterly magazine and hosted by New Zealand House China which is a distribution and export company showcasing New Zealand brands to the Chinese market. My winning designs were a mini collection of outdoor shoes for both men and women. I designed a boot, a sneaker and a sandal inspired by my love for Muriwai Beach.

CB: How was the trip to China?
China was amazing. We got to see and review samples of our winning designs and were lucky to be looked after by New Zealand House China and introduced to SRL (a leather manufacturing company). The visits to both shoe and garment factories were invaluable and gave me an extremely rare look at the behind the scenes of manufacturing. Shopping, sightseeing and tasting the city of Shanghai were all highlights too.

CB: What does a typical day look like for you?
No two days are the same for me, I start by walking my two girls to daycare and then to the shop, we live close by on Anzac Street. I open up, put on my music and get stuck into a variety of work. My day is broken up by drop off's pick up's and customers who like to catch up on general conversation. I close up shop at 5pm and usually head to the new Takapuna Beach playground and meet my partner and kids and take our dog for a walk along the beach.

CB: Do you have anyone in the business world who you look up to? Why?
I look up to Malcolm and Melanie Rands creators of Ecostore. They have built a successful and sustainable business which contributes to a better future for their children, which is something I dream of doing too.

CB: If you could do something else for a day, what would it be?
I would travel the world.

Takapuna Tailoring is located at 2 Como Street, Takapuna. Phone 488 0188.

By Courtney Bennett

Channel Magazine: Issue 72 Dec 2016 / Jan 2017

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