• With Benefitz Web Developers Leo Kitt Yeng and Cam Harrison

    With Benefitz Web Developers Leo Kitt Yeng and Cam Harrison

  • Photo caption: This was a pretty impressive

    Photo caption: This was a pretty impressive "Movember" effort I showed off at my 50th Birthday back in 2012!

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I've Been (Positively) Thinking... November
Thinking about Channel Mag Online...

This month I've been thinking, in fact "we've all been thinking" about Channel Mag online. We've actually been doing more than thinking, we've been making some big changes and as a result this month we have launched a brand new Channel Mag online management system that we are hugely excited about.
We print and deliver 25,000 printed copies of Channel Mag every month. The printed magazine continues to be hugely popular and we are proud that we will be celebrating our 50th issue next month.
We do believe, however, that our online presence is an integral part of the whole equation. As well as appealing to those who love to pick up and read the chunky monthly magazine, we are sharply lifting our appeal for those who prefer to do things online, and very importantly, those who take an interest in our little slice of paradise but maybe domiciled elsewhere – be that overseas or in other parts of the country.
From this month www.channelmag.co.nz takes a whole new look and purpose. It has been transformed into a lively "local newsy site" that receives new content daily.
At the same time we have transformed completely the way we gather and process information for both print and online. Our clever Benefitz Web Development team have created an online platform that's a complete content management tool for both print and online. So we've turned the way we publish right on its head.
So what does this all mean? In simple terms our Channel Mag team are now using the newly created web platform to gather both online and print magazine content. As soon as each story, column or feature is completed it goes live on the web. Once live, our in house graphic designers for the print magazine are sent an alert to say new content is available for them to use for the printed magazine. All assets – copy, logos, photos, advertisements etc. – are stored online and easily accessible by the graphic designers for the print version. This happened in complete reverse previously.
As the articles and features go live they are also featured on all our social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter etc. – pushing them to a wider audience.
The new site was launched at the beginning of November and is just the start of some exciting new initiatives. A stronger online presence really fits well with the massively popular printed magazine. We are very keen on maximising the effectiveness of both to widen our reach to highlight all the good things happening on the Shore. Our plan going forward is also to use the combination of the two mediums to help maximise our goal of encouraging locals to buy local.
Look out for interesting promotions and incentives aimed at supporting local business!
Visit www.channelmag.co.nz to take a look!

Thinking about Movember...

It's Movember once again, so that means a hairy lip (and less interest from my wife!) to raise some money for and to highlight mens health – in particular mental health and prostate and testicular cancer.
For the past two years I have been in the top 10 fundraisers in the country. I want to be the winner this year so I need your help.
How can you help? It is simple, just donate to me at this link... www.MoBro.co/aidanbennett


By Aidan Bennett
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Channel Magazine: Issuu 49 November 2014

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