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Homes with HART
Lynda Partridge and Hannah Mirbach.

Photos By: Dan Trotter Photography.

For the Home

Homes with HART

Embracing indoor winter living is a joy with the high-end new arrival on the Shore, HART by Partridge Design. As a natural accompaniment to her interior design services, Lynda Partridge and her designer daughter Hannah Mirbach have curated a collection of home furnishing pieces from across the world to raise the Shore home style bar with their new Birkenhead Point retail store.

The building which HART now occupies on Hinemoa Street is aptly an architectural beauty; its exterior is a statement in elegance and its high ceiling cornice is a throwback to a bygone age. And the cohesive collection of products spanning tiles, drapery, furniture, homewares and lighting that Lynda and Hannah have chosen to fill this stunning space with is a joy to discover.

Lynda and Hannah chatted to Channel about their new venture...

Channel: What was the catalyst for HART opening?

Lynda Partridge: Interiors being my passion, I wanted to share this with others in a beautiful haven. With New Zealanders’ growing interest and passion for innovative design we felt we could offer more than what is currently available. 

Hannah Mirbach: I don't really think there was a definite catalyst, I would probably say it was more of an organic process. We have always worked well together and it was so often suggested by clients/family/friends that we do, so in the end I think we just said 'why not?'!

Can you describe the design concept of the store?

Lynda: Inviting, creative, exciting. 

Hannah: Understated, sophisticated and chic.

Which pieces or products are you currently most excited about?

Lynda: I love all of our hand-chosen product. If I had to narrow down, I adore the Danish contemporary print exclusive to us, and the leathered finish granite on our coffee table, but there is also the teardrop side table... 

Hannah: I really am obsessed with our marble mosaics! They are so perfectly classic yet on trend at the same time. I'd love to tile my whole lounge/kitchen area in the chevron, it has the most beautiful tones running through it - yum!

How do you complement each other in the workplace?

Lynda:  Hannah has the nicest taste of anyone I know!  She can see longevity in product, which to me is particularly important, and is wonderful at pulling a look together.  We communicate so well.  We have the same vision but can bring our individual looks together beautifully.

Hannah: We know each other so well; our personalities, ways of working and style. It really helps when someone just gets you! Aside from this, I think our styles complement each other. I think we have the best of both worlds: Our difference in age, clients, outside influences, experience etc allow us to create and curate a really beautiful store and interesting projects together. I feel that it brings a freshness to the store, our clients and projects when we combine ideas and results in producing something really beautiful.

What is one item of furniture / furnishing in your own home you will never part with?

Lynda: A vintage marble bust, bought at a market in New York. I love form and texture in everything I own.

Hannah: I would have to say the artworks I've collected. Instead of buying cliche souvenirs when I travel, I like to pick up authentic pieces of art/prints/sketches/photographs from a place. I love to draw inspiration from artwork when choosing what I'll put in a room; art gives a lovely little insight into the owner, which is really special and personal.


Whose house would you most like to design?

Lynda: I get the most joy when I work alongside a client who is really excited for the outcome. I am so humbled when I meet clients who have lost the 'spark' for the project and I am able to bring this back for them. That is job satisfaction!

Hannah: Emannuelle Alt! I think she really emulates the direction we take with our store as mentioned previously: understated, sophisticated and chic. She knows that you don't have to be over-the-top to be stand-out and investing in beautiful, quality pieces creates a timeless style. Plus…a Parisian apartment to design would be a dream in itself! *swoon*

Your favourite aspect of winter living in New Zealand?

Lynda: Wool! Felted wool is my favourite upholstery - depending on the colour can look either contemporary or classic.  Plush sheepskin or gorgeous tight, but soft, shearling wool - so inviting on a cold day. Love it!

Hannah: Definitely curling up with beautiful blankets! I am all for texture and winter is the best time to make the most of it. Layering with chunky wool, fine merino, patterned quilts and a touch or fur is divine, it can definitely tie a room together.

HART by Partridge Design, Shop 1/94, Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead partridgedesign.co.nz 

By Heather Vermeer

Channel Magazine: Issue 77 June 2017

Features articles by Heather Vermeer